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Travel Beyond Canada Demands Travel Insurance Beyond OHIP

Updated on Jul 02, 2015

An accident abroad is the worst time to realize that your OHIP coverage won’t fund the same medical services as it does within Canada’s borders. With your best interests in mind, Blue Umbrella Financial Services is here to look after your supplementary travel insurance needs with experienced guidance, conscientious advice, and efficient processing of our products.


There’s no client we’d rather service that an informed one. Whether you limit your travel to the Province of Ontario or make frequent excursions to the United States and beyond, peace of mind from your complete travel-insurance coverage is one of our utmost priorities. Before you reach out to us to schedule an informative, free-of-charge consultation, we’d like to walk you through a few cautions about traveling with only the protection of your OHIP health insurance coverage…




Ideally, your supplementary travel insurance’s protection should blanket treatment needs that OHIP won’t handle outside Ontario. Those procedures and treatments include:


1.       “Unnecessary” medical treatment

2.       Treatments at unlicensed hospitals or health facilities

3.       “Experimental” or “research” treatments, as defined by the professional Ontario medical community

4.       Illnesses, diseases or injuries that occurred while within Canada’s borders

5.       Ambulance or other emergency transportation costs


When outside of Canada, OHIP pays the lesser of the international physician’s billed costs or whatever the same service would cost in Ontario (usually the latter). OHIP pays $50 CDN per day for outpatient emergency room services and $200 CDN per day for inpatient treatments. Your government coverage increases to $400 CDN per day for operating room, coronary care unit, intenstive care, neonatal or pediatric special care services.




Plan all you like. The best-laid travel plans can’t always prepare you for the complexities of international health care variances from the Canadian system. Purchase additional travel insurance coverage to guarantee that what you don’t know doesn’t hurt you.


The American insurance system in particular requires a “deductible” payment and co-pay to receive coverage from a provider. Many policies include provisions for pre-certification in the event of a needed hospitalization, as well as direct payments to hospitals abroad to cover costs. Where no hospitalization is needed, you’ll probably need to submit a claim form in order for your provider to reimburse basic claim expenses.


A sound travel insurance product goes above and beyond even medical emergencies, though. For example, GMS TravelStar plans are structured to address the vulnerabilities OHIP coverage alone leaves in potential international medical emergencies with policies structured to cover emergency medical expenses during family vacations, business travel and seasonal excursions. Plans can be arranged as single-trip or multi-trip policies. To get more peace of mind for your buck, consider bundling your Emergency Medical Coverage with Trip Cancellation & Interruption to include coverage of Baggage Loss, Damge & Delay expenditures.


GMS also offers two additional travel insurance products tailored to unique travel circumstances:



1.       The Annual Immigrants & Vistors to Canada Plan, offering 365 uninterrupted coverage days for emergency medical expenses tailored especially to Canada’s Super Visa applicants, frequent visitors and those planning on extended stays. Coverage won’t be interrupted by returns to country of origin. Deductibles range from $0-$1,000 CDN and coverage amounts range from $25,000-$150,000 CDN with no medical questions for travelers under 55 and no waiting periods on applications received before arrival in Canada.

2.       StudentPlan, which provides students under the age of 55 with up to $2 million in emergency medical coverage and additional benefits to address ambulance serve, hospital room, and in-hospital drug expenses among the 17 covered needs. These plans are available in four or 12-month term policies, can be extended to multiple family members, and provide direct-billing options.



If you’re still unsure of your travel insurance needs, contact Blue Umbrella Financial Services immediately. One of our experiences, caring associates will provide a free consultation explaining clearly how much peace of mind extended travel insurance can provide when the worst-case scenario greets you outside Canada’s friendly borders.


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