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Private insurance drive for CPP disability reimbursement hurts sick, reviewers advise

Updated on Dec 24, 2015

Source: CBC News

Some Calgarians are calling for modification to a long-standing and little-known agreement between the Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefit and private insurance companies.

They claim it can also go away sick and dying patients remaining thousands in back taxes — or getting hundreds of dollars fewer a months to stay alive on.

It might also indicate that more than $1 billion a year from federal funds is going away to compensate the costs of private insurance companies as an alternative of into the pockets of those with long-term disabilities.

Many people may not identify that if they fall sick and end up on long-term disability, chances are their insurance company force finally demand they concern for any other eligible benefits — including the Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefit, a federally funded disability program.

It’s a problematical procedure that leaves the ill and occasionally dying mired in official procedure and, in some cases, more behind economically.

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How it works

Once you’re accepted for the federal benefit, your private insurer will scratch back its segment of your monthly payout by the sum of your new CPP Disability contribution.

If you obtain a retroactive lump-sum payment, as in the Blundon’s case, it has to be given back to your insurance company. And since CPP is taxable — and lots of LTD programs are not — you will be obligated back taxes.

In addition, your monthly earnings from that point onward could fall because you are currently taxed on the CPP portion of your disability returns.

Blundon is compulsory to give the $13,000 in federal money to his insurance company. He owes back taxes and his monthly earnings has dropped by $300 for the reason that the new CPP portion of his benefits is taxable.

“It is a load because … every dollar counts,” said Greg who still has one daughter living at house. “They’re clawing back that funds….The companies are benefiting from the government’s portion.”

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