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Life Insurance Premiums and Death Benefits

Life insurance has two types of aspects, premium benefit and death benefit. From, the personal view of an individual we should get to know that how much benefit a person will receive if he dies and what will be other costs to obtain that benefit.


The premiums differentiate various kind of insurance coverage. Different premiums will compose different kind of benefits. Do you know how premiums are different? Why firms offer diverse premiums for people. Let’s have a look at the basic fundamental ‘cost’ of insurance plan.

Every life insurance plan propose different premium which is completely based upon the perception of risk. Insurance premium will be higher if risk rate is high. Home insurance at a place with often earthquake or land sliding is more risky than plan areas so the insurance premiums will be more.

Do you know about factors of life insurance which are more risky?

Most of time, it’s your age. Young people don’t die often. Risk factor is obviously very minimal. Comparatively, old people have more risk to die. We, often, have possibility of dying with increasing age. So, therefore age plays the main factor in finalizing premium rates. People with young age will have less premium rates.

Second factor could be health of the person eligible for insurance-coverage. An individual with ill health or chronic disease can make your insurance plan costly.

Death Benefits

The term ‘Death Benefits’ means the benefit of insurance after death. Death benefits are almost same for all insurance but the premium is always different for different insurance-plans.

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