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Legal Advices – Understanding your long-term disability policy

Updated on Dec 07, 2015 legal matters

Date: December 07, 2015

Source: Hamilton Spectator

My long-term disability insurance corporation told me that once being not capable to work at my own job for 2 years, they can end paying my profit because I can work somewhere else.  Is this right?

Generally speaking, the majority long-term disability policies give that for the initial 2 years you are allowed to claim disability benefits if you cannot perform the necessary duties of your own job – the “own occupation test.”  After 2 years your eligibility for benefits is depend on whether there is any new job you can do that you are practically capable for by reason of education, training or experience – the “any occupation test.”

I have seen a lot of differences on when every of these tests apply.  Some long-term disability polices offer for an “own occupation test” until you get to age 65.  Some policies provide for an “any occupation test” that begins from the initial day you are entitled to claim for benefits.  It is essential to analyze your policy and decide what tests apply and when. If you are looking for disability insurance plans, our insurance agent will advice you the best plan according to your requirement and benefits.

If you are confused about the provisions in your policy, speak with a personal injury lawyer who is experienced in long-term disability policies and claims.

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