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Individual Health Plan

What happens if you do not have insurance through a company group plan or you want coverage that the province does not provide? There are currently millions of Canadians that are not fully insured through a group health plan. This leaves you in danger of becoming a victim to healthcare expenses that are not covered by your Government Health Insurance Plan. The good news is that the healthcare funding is constantly being reviewed and reassessed. The governments are continuing to reduce the coverage for some healthcare services and discontinuing some services altogether. And one of the largest problems for people is that the out of pocket costs are becoming the responsibility of the individuals. This can range from routine healthcare services to unexpected health related services.

The good news is that Blue Umbrella Financial can offers different health benefits that will only cost you a few dollars a day. This can help give you and your family the comprehensive coverage that no one should have to do without.

It does not matter if your mail focus is on prescription drug coverage, dental services or even a combination of both. At Blue Umbrella you will be offered a plan that will meet your needs as well as the needs of your family. Another benefit is that we have the option of being able to design a plan specifically for you that will provide you with flexibility, choices and will allow for you to decide which plan will be the best for you based on the needs you currently have as well as your future needs, lifestyle and your budget.

There are three insurance plans that you can select from. These plans are the basic plan, the standard plan and the extended plan. Please see the details of all three options in the chart below.

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