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Cancer Victim Denied CPP Disability Insurance Some Cases Fall Through the Cracks

Updated on Aug 12, 2015

Kristi Emigh of Belleville, Ontario is appealing after being turned down for disability benefits from Canadian Pension Plan disability insurance.


In 2013, Kristi was diagnosed with breast cancer. She has been off work since then.


CPP denied her claim due to the fact that her illness was not prolonged. “‘Kristy Emigh was denied for CPP disability benefits based on not meeting the ‘prolonged’ criteria, as she was expected to return to her job,” a spokesperson for the federal government wrote in an email.”


“People turn to what they think is a social safety net. And there are just great big holes in it in cases like this,” said Deirdre McDade, a lawyer with Community Advocacy and Legal Centre.


McDade said the problem is with temporary, contract or part-time workers who have no benefits through their job.


The appeal process may take up to two years, but Kristi is still going the route.


“If you are a two-income family and you are devastated by cancer, there really isn’t a lot of help from our government,” she said. “And we’re the ones that have paid into it and now we can’t get it.”


It is not clear whether the Emigh family worked with a financial institution when paying into CPP, but a financial broker can help find these issues before they happen.


Being prepared is the best method to keeping your finances secure when you find yourself temporarily unable to work.


You can find the whole article with Global News.

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