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Blue Umbrella Financial provides your many insurance needs in the city of Cambridge. They are an independent insurance brokerage that provides individual and corporate clients with a variety of medical, dental and group policies to meet their current and future needs. Blue Umbrella Financial also provides life, critical illness, disability and long-term care insurance.

Our provincial health coverage does not cover everything. If you are not also covered by company insurance, you could be paying for some medical needs out of pocket. Blue Umbrella Financial provides individual health plans, group insurance and private health services so that every client can get the medical and dental coverage they need.

Life insurance is essential if you have a spouse or dependants. If you were to pass away suddenly without insurance, your family will be left to pick up the financial pieces while grieving. Blue Umbrella Financial has the life insurance policies necessary to make your passing less difficult for those you left behind.

The chance of being injured and unable to work for 90 days or more is much higher than most people think. It is essential to have disability insurance to cover you during that time you cannot work. Disability insurance will pay out a monthly premium so that you can get better and not suffer a financial crisis as well.

Blue Umbrella Financial also provides long-term care insurance and critical illness insurance. If you are struck with a serious illness like cancer, a heart attack or stroke, critical illness insurance will be paid out to cover expenses. If you are unable to live a normal life due to your illness, long-term health care will provide the long-term support your need.

When you are traveling out of Cambridge or coming to visit, it is important to purchase either traveler’s or visitor’s insurance. Health expenses charged in a different country or even province are not always covered. It is important to get the coverage you need to keep yourself protected.

The Super Visa or parent grandparent Super Visa allows a family member to stay with you in Canada for an extended amount of time. However, family members must purchase an insurance policy to cover medical expenses during their stay. Blue Umbrella Financial has the Super Visa insurance you need to keep your family members covered.

Investing for a child’s future education or retirement is extremely important. College and university is expensive. Blue Umbrella Financial can help you invest in RESP, TFSA and RRSP. They also have some excellent retirement income options for you to chose from.

Blue Umbrella Financial is a BBB Accredited Business. If you are in need of an insurance broker in Cambridge, give them a call. They are ready and willing to answer any and all questions.

Call: 416-882-4783

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