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Call us @ 416 822 4783

About Blue Umbrella Financial Services

Blue Umbrella Financial Services is an independent insurance brokerage that provides individual and corporate clients with a variety of medical, dental and group policies to meet their current and future needs. As a full service brokerage, Blue Umbrella Financial Services works with clients to tailor a policy for all of their risk management needs including Life insurance, Critical Illness, Disability, and Long Term Care Insurance. Blue Umbrella also provides financial services for retirement planning and educational savings.

Insurance broker servicing INDIVIDUAL and CORPORATE markets. The focus of his practice is to understand the needs of
individuals and companies and to provide them with customized solutions.

OUR areas of focus are:
    • 1. LIVING too long: retirement planning.
    • 2. DYING too soon: life insurance.
    • 3. DISABLED: disability and critical illness insurance.
    • 4. SUCCESSION PLANNING in business: partnership & keyman insurance.
    • 5. Company group benefits.
    • 6. Health care benefits:
      • Medical costs not covered by OHIP.
      • Family visiting Canada.
      • New immigrants with no OHIP coverage.
      • Travelling out of province or country.

Don’t leave your planning until it is too late and leave your loved ones with tough memories. PROTECT yourself and your loved ones now. Contact us online for a free consultation and a review of your current portfolio, or call 416-822-4783.

Free Consultation !

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